About Us

Chronos is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on bringing technology to the watch industry by discreetly transforming any watch into a fully connected timepiece.

Motivated by the principle that wearable technology must enhance your life without disrupting it, the Chronos disc seamlessly integrates modern notification and tracking technology with the watches you actually wear. Co-founded by Mark Nichol, CEO, and Luke Fromowitz, CTO, Chronos is a graduate of the Highway1 incubator program.

Who We Are

We've got a proven track record of bringing innovative technologies and exciting content to market.

Mark Nichol

Mark Nichol

CEO & Founder

Mark loved to track his health but never liked the way his fitness band looked next to his favorite watch. The idea for Chronos was born.

Favorite Watch: Rolex GMTn.

Luke Fromowitz

Luke Fromowitz

CEO & Co-Founder

A product design expert with time at Samsung, Luke was always looking for the perfect wearable, so he built it himself.

Favorite Watch: Omega Seamaster Aquaterra