A Series Of Amazing Theatre Books Designed To Help Theatre Teachers Organize & Energize Their Curriculum

Theatre teachers worldwide have struggled to create captivating lesson plans. With their classes overflowing, their budgets frighteningly low, and many teaching multiple disciplines, they often fall back on state approved text books - a great choice for some classrooms, but not the action-oriented environment of theatre.

Now there is a series of books designed to help theatre teachers, from novices to pros, organize and energize their curriculum. They are the perfect balance of preparation, application, and review. They combine all the basic teaching strategies administrators seek when conducting annual teacher reviews, and they appeal to all levels of learners and most learning styles.

Suzi Zimmerman started teaching theatre in 1991, at a time when there were very few resources for beginning theatre teachers, especially for students in sixth through twelfth grades. With a background in graphic art and a love for both theatre and writing, she began creating original worksheets, lessons, rubrics, and creative "hands on" activities. She became a regular at workshops where she would teach others how to put the textbooks away and to engage their students in the idea of learning by doing. Encouraged by the positive response, both in the classroom and by her peers, she broke her collected lessons down into five books. Today these books bridge the curricular gap she once faced as a frustrated beginning teacher.

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New Book Edition 2020!

Suzi Zimmerman's Introduction To Theatre Arts Volume 1, 2nd Edition 2020Introduction To Theatre Arts Volume 1, 2nd Edition 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of the SECOND EDITION of everyone’s favorite¬†Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 1,¬†now available!

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Coauthored Book

Suzi Zimmerman is proud to announce her husband's first book: Battling Goliath: Inside a $22 Billion Legal ScandalSuzi Zimmerman is proud to announce her husband's first book: Battling Goliath: Inside a $22 Billion Legal Scandal, for which she is a coauthor.

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