Meet Chronos.

The smart disc that attaches to the back of any watch.

Chronos adds:

  • Fitness Tracking

  • Music Control

  • Notification Alerts

  • Tap to Find Your Phone

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Do More With Your Watch.

Fitness Tracking TUNE IN Music control at your fingertips.

App Notifications NOTIFICATION ALERTS Know who is calling or texting and set reminders. Get what's important.

Ping Your Phone HEALTH DATA Count steps and burned calories. Track fitness goals.

Silence Calls LOCATE DEVICE Find your phone by tapping your watch.

One tap Reply to messages TAKE PICTURES Control your camera shutter with your watch.

Control your music via gestures SILENCE CALLS Stop interruptions without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Designed With You In Mind.

WATER RESISTANT Splash proof. Take your watch anywhere.

FAST CHARGE No-hassle charging that lasts up to 2 days.

MAGNET FREE Non-magnetic micro-suction disc detaches and leaves no residue.

VIBRATION AND LIGHT Combine custom pulses and/or LED light colors for notifications.

Completely Customizable

Get notified through unique vibrations and optional light patterns.

Simple Charge.

Charge Chronos while attached or unattached to your watch.

Simple Charging Simple Charging

Keep Your Style

Micro-suction lets Chronos fit snugly on any watch.

Fitness Tracking

Track steps and activity throughout the day. Sync with the Chronos app or other health apps.

Notification Alerts

Get alerts for messages, calls and alarms without interruption.

Tap To Find Your Phone

Can't find your phone? Tap your watch to make it buzz and ring.

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This tiny disc turns analog watches into smartwatches.

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It mounts to the back of nearly any timepiece, so it's hidden from view, and is only 3mm thick, so it's comfortable to wear.

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Chronos may be a great way for people to try basic wearable tech without ditching their beloved timepiece.

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The app is smooth, fast and uncomplicated; alerts come through quite reliably and battery life is as advertised.

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Say goodbye to rectangular, identical (some say ugly) smart watches.

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I liked that with Chronos, it was my wrist buzzing instead of my phone.

Incredible Technology.
Unbelievably Discreet.

This striking design discreetly transforms any timepiece into
a technologically advanced smartwatch.

Chronos exploded view

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (50ft Range)

Weight 10g

Battery Life 2-Day Battery Life

Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

Charging Wireless Conductive Cradle

Dimensions 3mm Thin x 33mm Diameter

Materials 316L Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate

Water Resistance Rain, Sweat, and Splash Proof

Fitness Tracking Accelerometer


Will Chronos fit my watch?

Chronos fits on most watches, especially those with a diameter of 31mm or larger.
Click here to use our measuring tool to see if Chronos fits on your watch.

What smartphones work with Chronos?

Chronos works with all Apple devices running iOS 8.0+ (with Android coming soon!) You can download the app for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Are there magnets in Chronos that could affect the expensive movement in my watch?

No. We have carefully avoided the use of magnets that could interfere and damage the movement inside the watches we love. Instead, we use harmless microsuction to attach to the back of your timepiece.

How long does the Chronos battery last?

2 days on a full charge. We recommend charging it when you sleep at night, but don't worry if you forget, it only takes about 30 minutes to fully charge it back up.

How do I charge the Chronos?

Simply place your Chronos (you can keep it attached to your watch) on the included wireless charger.

How will I know when to charge the Chronos?

The app and Chronos disc will notify you when your battery is low.

How do I control and customize notifications on my Chronos?

After pairing your device with the Chronos app, you'll easily be able to customize your specific vibration and light notification patterns.

How do I change the battery?

The Chronos uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which means you never need to change it.

Is Chronos waterproof?

With an IP67 rating, the Chronos is water-resistant, but we don't recommend prolonged time underwater, as the moisture could affect the microsuction and lead to the disc detaching from your watch.

Will I need to replace the microsuction?

No, microsuction is designed for repeated use without replacement. If you feel that it's not as strong as it used to be, simply run the Chronos under water for about a minute to clean off any residue and the microsuction will be good as new.

How easy is it to remove the Chronos from your watch?

Easy! If you leave the Chronos on a watch for prolonged periods of time, the microsuction may become a bit stronger and it'll take a little more strength to pull it off your watch. Rest assured, it won't leave any residue behind nor will it damage your watch.

Which languages are supported by the Chronos app?

Currently, only English.

How many different notifications can I customize?

With 8 different vibration patterns and 7 different LED colors, you can create up to 56 combinations. (Plus, we're adding more vibration patterns and colors all the time.) Get creative and customize your favorite contacts and apps with your unique combinations or use our suggested notifications.

What is Chronos made of?

Designed to match the back of your watch, the Chronos casing is made out of 316L grade stainless steel, with a polycarbonate window for light notifications.